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SMc Interim Assessments

SMc Curriculum has developed a mathematics interim assessment system for Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and High School to be used for both benchmark testing and progress monitoring throughout the school year. This assessment at each grade-level can be used as a common assessment to meet the requirement of Senate Bill 290 as a common regional assessment that can be scored comparably (electronically scored) and correlated to summative growth throughout the school year.

For SB 290, teachers of math must provide evidence of student learning and growth in mathematics. To gather “evidence of teachers’ contribution to student learning and growth, teachers will establish at least two student learning goals and identify strategies and measures that will be used to determine goal attainment.” Teachers who are responsible for student learning in tested subjects and grades will use:

  1. state assessments as one measure and will also select one or more additional measures from OR
  2. common national, international, regional, district-developed measures such as ACT, PLAN, EXPLORE, AP, IB, DIBELS, C-PAS or common assessments approved by the district or state as valid, reliable and able to be scored comparably OR
  3. classroom based or school-wide measures such as student performances, portfolios, products, projects, work samples or tests. SMc Curriculum’s Interim Assessment Package provides districts with an opportunity to provide teachers with valuable data regarding student achievement gains in Common Core Mathematics content while meeting the requirements of SB 290.


To Learn more about the SMc Interim Assessment system, please visit the website at or contact Shannon McCaw directly at (503) 550-4298.