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Why Use the Local Assessment Option?

Why use a Local Assessment Option in Mathematics instead of Work Samples?

There are two main reasons why a district might choose to use a local assessment option over administering work samples.  The first of these is that by giving a local assessment created by SMc Curriculum, districts can have confidence that students are being assessed appropriately and in a way that accurately reflects their mastery of Oregon’s Essential Skill in mathematics.

Work samples invariably bring up questions such as:

  • Are our work sample tasks rigorous enough?
  • Are the tasks being given and revised in an appropriate manner?
  • Are our teachers properly trained and scoring the tasks appropriately?

Districts using the local assessment option offered by SMc Curriculum remove these stresses and questions associated with administering work samples.  In addition, giving a local assessment allows district’s teachers to remain in their classrooms and focused on student learning, not on running and monitoring an assessment program.

The second reason to use a local assessment option is that, in most cases, it is a cost-savings measure compared to using work samples.